Kildeer Disrespecting Laws

April 23rd, 2007.

Witnessed a kildeer squad car pull a U-Turn in the middle of an intersection, speed, tailgate, and run through a red light by flashing the light.

That’s a few things illegal:

1.) U-Turns in the middle of intersections are prohibited.

2.) Speeding: the car went a minimum of 10MPH over the posted limit in a construction zone.  That is punishable by a $350 fine, unless you are a Kildeer Police Officer.

3.) Tailgating: Illinois rules of the road stipulate that drivers need a minimum of a 2 second rule.  If less than a 2 second delay between cars, then that means you’re driving “aggressively”.

4.)  Running a Red Light: In most states, unless it’s an emergency, this is illegal even for police and fire personnel.  I personally think it’s an asshole move to bypass traffic lights by simply using your siren and lights just so you can get to your donut shop a minute earlier.

Now, if I had done that I would have received no less than 4 tickets.  Total bill?  Probably close to $600.  Oh, and add some lawyer fees because I probably would have been arrested for just this.